Fire Extinguisher Sales

We supply and carry all makes and models of fire extinguishers. The types of fire extinguisher selected for a business or home depends on the potential fire hazard specific to the the area. There is no standard (one size fits all) fire extinguisher for a location. This is determined by our certified professionals who will ascertain the most effective fire extinguishers based on the surrounding environment and potential hazards. At New York Fire Safety and Equipment we only use the most dependable fire extinguishers in the industry.

At New York Fire Extinguisher and Safety Corp we believe in offering the very best fire equipment out today. Our fire extinguishers come with dealer warranties and are highly recommended by the FDNY

New York Fire Extinguisher and safety carries a full line of fire safety equipment. For all of your fire safety needs contact us today.

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Fire Extinguisher Specifications:

  • Superior quality – manufactured to highest standards
  • Rugged construction – easy and less costly to maintain and service
  • Bar-coded labels for documenting extinguisher locations, inspections, maintenance and recharging
  • Dependable Drawn Steel Cylinders (extremely reliable)
  • All Metal Valve Structure
We have the right kind of fire extinguishers for your business. Not all fire extinguishers are the same. Call today and schedule an appointment.

ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

ny-fire-extinquisher-abc-fire-extinguisherIdeal for use in offices, warehouses, homes, and more, ABC DRY CHEMICAL FIRE EXTINGUISHERS use a monoammonium phosphate dry chemical to insulate Class A fires by melting and clinging to the heated surface. They also smother and break the chain reaction on Class B fires and are non-conductors of electricity. Units have a 2.5 to 20 lb capacity range. AVAILABLE UNITS range from 2.5lb,5lb,10lb, & 20lb in total capacity.


halotron-fire-extinguisherAn environmentally safe replacement for Halon 1211, HALOTRON® I FIRE EXTINGUISHERS contain a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) blend agent that discharges as a rapidly evaporating liquid, leaving no residue. Pressurized with argon gas, the Halotron I agent is an EPA approved “clean agent” for Class A, B, and C hazards that will not conduct electricity back to the operator.

CO2 – Carbon Dioxide

co2-extinguishersCARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) PORTABLE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS effectively fight Class B flammable liquid fires and are electrically non-conductive with a clean, non-contaminating, and odorless gas. They are perfectly safe for use on clothing, equipment, valuable documents, and food.

Meets Many Hospital Medical Equipment Requirements

Class K – Wet Chemical Kitchen Fire extinguishers

nyfes-amrex-kitchen-wet-chemicalClass K “Kitchen Use” WET CHEMICAL EXTINGUISHERS contain special potassium acetate based low PH agent developed for use with pre-engineered restaurant kitchen systems (included in NFPA 10). Preferred by restaurants.