Fire Extinguisher Inspection

New York Fire Extinguisher (fire extinquisher by fire door)New York Fire Extinguisher and Safety Corp is highly trained in ensuring that all fire extinguishers on premise are properly working and compliant with state law. Over time fire extinguishers can leak, rust or malfunction. They must be routinely inspected for optimum performance. Most people don’t think about fire protection and safety concerns. Hopefully they never have to be in a situation when a fire breaks out. As we all know accidents often happen and can cause a tremendous amount of damage. Its critical that all fire safety equipment is up to the highest standards and near by to stop any potential fire Call us today to schedule an appointment.

FDNY Approved Full Service Portable Fire Extinguisher Company

Today state regulators and insurance companies require specific guidelines for fire safety control.

Our certified technicians will evaluate and determine if,

  • Extinguishers are properly tagged and are ready to use.
  • All areas of the location have the proper amount of extinguishers available for optimum safety requirements
  • The required extinguisher size and capacity is in line with the dimensions and scale of the business
  • Always educating the owner about the most effective way to protect the location with the proper fire safety equipment

We Offer Annual and Semi- Annual Inspection and Maintenance Programs

We inspect your fire extinguishers to meet NFPA 10 Codes. Fire extinguishers that do not need a recharge, 6 year maintenance, hydro-static test or other parts are tagged with an inspection tag that is valid for six months or one year

New York Fire Extinguisher (fire extinquisher on wall by stairs)Our 6 Year Test Will Recharge All Fire Extinguisher Equipment and Parts

After 6 years its mandatory that the fire extinguisher is thoroughly checked for any possible defect. All the equipment is professionally looked over and properly recharged as required by the National Fire Protection Association.

Inspection Prices

Recharge 6Year/Hydro Total New
HALON 25.00/lb. 44.00 N/A
2.5#Halotron 25.00/lb. 15/22 175.00
5#Halotron 25.00/lb. 15/22 275.00
6L K-CLASS 100.00 22.00 122.00 225.00
2.5gal/ P/W 10.00 22.00 32.00 145.00
2.5# ABC 15.00 15/20 30/35 50.00
5# ABC 20.00 15/20 35/40 75.00
6# ABC 20.00 15/20 35/40 N/A
10# ABC 25.00 20/30 45/50 $120.00 (1-10)
$110.00 (11-24)
$100.00 (25+)
20# ABC 30.00 25/30 55/60 $175.00 (1-3)
$150.00 (4-24)
$130 (25+)
5# Co2 15.00 30.00 45.00 175.00
10# Co2 18.50 31.50 50.00 275.00
15# Co2 22.50 32.50 55.00 350.00
20# Co2 26.00 34.00 60.00 400.00